Peritia Business Consultants

How We Help Businesses

The way we help businesses is through three distinct offerings being Strategy, Planning and Implementation. Peritia may be involved in more than one aspect depending on our clients’ needs and capabilities.


Strategic planning is the sustainability driver of the business and it is important to update the strategic plan regularly to keep pace with external conditions. Strategic reviews and planning is conducted with the leadership/owner group and involves, fact finding, financial analysis, facilitation, workshopping and research.

Outcomes from a properly developed strategic review will revolve around the business becoming “clear” about its goals, a course of action and expected outcomes. This clarity flows through to generating focus, energy about what is important and provides the confidence to formulate and execute a tangible plan.

Strategic plan outcomes include:

The benefit from engaging Peritia is having a knowledgeable and experienced third-party establishing facts, working through options and applying commercial rigour in decision making.

Being outside the management or ownership group, we can act without attachment, providing context and offering perspective.


Business planning involves setting measurable, achievable, practical tasks that are aligned with the strategy.

Accountability is agreed for the tasks and progress is managed.

Peritia have significant planning experience and can assist with a partnered approach to helping with business planning.

The approach is “fit for purpose” meaning that it is tailored to the size and complexity of the business. Unnecessary effort and task is eliminated to streamline the process without compromising effectiveness.


This is where the “rubber hits the road” and where great strategy and a thorough plan can fail. From experience a difficult aspect of this this is about how to clear blockages that come up as when you are trying to change parts of your business. The person in charge of implementation requires a blend of skills including:

Quite often a juggling act, it requires resilience, the engagement of people within the organisation and often specialist skills outside the organisation.

Peritia are experts in helping businesses stay on track to achieve its business objectives.

The Nitty Gritty

Set out below are what Peritia have experience in to assist clients in Strategy, Planning and Implementation.

These aspects are integral to all businesses and the level of importance or urgency can fluctuate depending on industry, economic and cyclical factors.

Board advisory



Finance & Commercial

Business development and growth