Peritia Business Consultants

Delta Computers

The beginnings

Delta Computers commenced in 1996 (before the internet) and has successfully grown year on year. The industry we are in is fast paced and continually changing. Delta have had to change its business model several times and to continually be “forward looking” to stay relevant.

Peter was initially brought in around 2008 by the founder to look at succession planning and worked with him on a strategy to retain and motivate key staff. This was resolved to be through key management taking equity in the business. Peter was instrumental in both the strategy, planning and implementation of the succession planning which reshaped the business.

Ongoing services

After the initial succession planning we have continued to use Peter over the years when external input is required. Although the collective ownership group all have significant industry experience and technical skills to support their roles, having a strategically minded, lateral thinker who can also apply commercial /financial rigour to strategy and planning is invaluable in key decision making.

The way he works is both as a facilitator to the ownership group or working one on one/small groups with the working owners to support their specific roles in the business.

Specific support over the years has included:

Strategic review facilitation and planning support.

Review and adaption of the core business model to future proof the business due to changes in the regulatory environment.

Business process re-engineering resulting in fundamental improvements to customer engagement and onboarding. This required a range of actions to reduce inefficiency and duplication such as adopting new technologies to automate processes and develop workplace tools to reduce risk.

Developing financial information for forward-looking decision-making purposes. Examples are financial analysis to support key decision making and forward cashflow planning and budgeting to understand cash requirements to support growth.

Getting Peter involved in our business has been a key factor in our continued success and ability to survive and thrive in a past paced technology impacted business environment.

Paul Dowding - Delta co - owner