Peritia Business Consultants

Clean Energy Fuels Australia

I’m pleased to recommend Peter as someone who can guide and challenge businesses that need or want to transform their business. 

The early challenges

He is a hands-on strategic advisor, whose counsel and guidance has been instrumental in transforming our business from a small consulting practice to a mid-tier energy provider with operations across Australia. His approach, spanning strategic reviews, planning, and implementation support, has catalysed our success.

Through the work with us, he has skilfully facilitated long-term planning, fostering senior-level engagement and delivering clarity amidst challenging decisions. These outcomes serve as the foundation for communicating our company-wide vision and mission.

His skill in crafting strategic plans ensures a well-defined roadmap to achieving our objectives, culminating in a tangible and comprehensive business plan.

What truly sets our advisor apart is his dedication to implementation support, providing the structure and gap analysis needed to successfully achieve our business plan deliverables.


I wholeheartedly recommend Peter to anyone in search of a transformative partner in their business. His contributions have been pivotal in shaping our path to success.


Gary Ireson - CEFA - Director