We are a niche business consultancy with two principals that have had over 50 years of collective business experience including starting up businesses, advising businesses, running them or selling them. Both qualified chartered accountants, we bring our knowledge, skills, experience and networks to partner our clients in helping them achieve their business goals.

We work with business owners, boards, management teams and corporation executives. Our clients are typically medium size business and corporations who want to deliver profitable growth for their business and recognise the need to boost their capability to do this.

We understand that as industries and markets change over time, the needs within a business will also change. This requires a continual focus, balanced both externally and internally, for businesses to remain profitable and to grow.


Peritia has specialist skills in advising companies that are either; already operating in Indonesia, or who want to operate in Indonesia. Our clients want to take advantage of the enormous business potential in the region and recognise the challenges in “going it alone”.

Peritia’s Jakarta based associate is an Australian expatriate who has spent over fourteen years of his 25 year career working in Indonesia as either a finance executive or CEO for major companies. Peritia's specialization in Indonesia is in mining services, commodity trading and mineral resource development and management. With vast “in country” skills, commercial skills, management experience and leadership competencies, together with a wide local network, Peritia is well placed to help clients be successful in Indonesia and the wider South East Asian region.

How We Help Businesses

The way we help businesses is through three distinct offerings being Advisory, Planning and Execution Services. Peritia may be involved in more than one aspect depending on our clients' needs:


  • Our advisory service is a personal service between Peritia and the client. It is
  • Business planning is what usually follows after the business intent and purpose, vision, mission,
  • Execution or implementation is a logical progression after the high level goals and objectives